Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'd. Like. You. To.

Id like you to…

Tell me im incredible when I know im not.
Open the car door no matter what.

Hold my hand.
Go somewhere grand.

Dance with me in the street.
To the sound of our own beat.

Laugh with me.
Climb a tree.

Paint the nails on my left hand.
Spend a day driving into nowhere land.

Sing like a rockstar wherever we travel..
Allowing "the road less taken" to unravel.

Phone me.
Dream of the impossible to be.

Pull my hair back when my hands are full.
Always let unconditional love, passion and laughter rule.

Learn my brain for secret conversations.
Make a home out of a shack or a mansion.

Buying french wine and choosing destinations on a map.
Talking deep as I lay or sit upon your lap.

Promise that laughter will cement our friendship.
That we will have our own code names of companionship.  

Call a time-out, a pause...
And Kiss me just because.

Don't sit under the oak tree with anyone else but me.
Take it when I give you the third degree.

Wrestle and don’t let me win.
Guide me when my world is dim.

Listen when I speak.
Comment when I need.

Climb on the roof with me to stare at the stars.
Make up stories about chasing cars.

Always be my prince, my pride.
Keep me forever more as your bride.

Id like you to find me irresistible…
…With your heart being completely intentional.

Id like you to be different
… from the rest,
To be convinced that for each other
… we are best.