Monday, November 12, 2012


Late afternoon.
It never arrives too soon.

Sun is slowly fading.
Car fumes disintergrating.
Possibility is parading.
Home-time is reigning.

City lights emerge over a canvass of smog.
Anticipation simmers against a setting sun backdrop.

The smell of spandex and cotton and laces.
ipod ready, playlist sorted, the blur of passing faces.
A route of familiarity or not.
Pounding the paving with everything I’ve got.

Pulse rate climbs, breathing anchors.
Sweat drenches the body like a salty blanket.

Time stands still in the beauty of the moment.
Running ends this day like a significant atonement.
Pushing up hills, through wind and rain.
Moving past the mental block and aching muscle pain.

Stress fades away, adrenaline soars,
Motivation in tact as freedom roars.

The road
and me,
A juxtaposed hue.
Raw and uncomplicated,
and true.

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