Thursday, March 21, 2013


Be near.

When what I have known is now not.
When we struggle to matter on this pale blue dot.

Be near.
When the past, the present and the future seem hazey.
When we are only forever chasing safety.

Be near.
When my shell of self-esteem cracks like paint on old Romanic wall.
When my vapour of understanding leads to an imminent downfall.

Be near
When my intellect and reason remains galaxies apart from yours.
When I seek to find significance in man’s approval and applause.

Be near.
When the mystery of family or friendship seems to be a futile affair.
When my faith appears to have become old and threadbare.

Be near.
Oh I pray be nearer still.
Be nearer than my skin and deeper than my soul.
My need of your intimacy is a cavity only you can fill.

Be near
To me always. 
I ask.

Send a dove or quail or even part the sea.
But please, my Lord…
Be near
Be near
Be near

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