Sunday, June 19, 2011

I can’t promise you the world, he said.
I only want your heart, she replied.
I can’t give you fancy things, he said.
Just love me unconditionally, she smiled.

I can’t show you the world, he said.
We can stare at the stars, she suggested.
I can’t offer you lifelong happiness, he said.
We only need each other, she urged.

I don’t know if I can lead you, he said.
I’ll support you with my entire heart, she motioned.
I’m not sure I can make you happy, he said.
You already do, she encouraged.

I don’t want to be heartbroken, he said.
Lets risk it, she whispered
I’m not sure I have what it takes, he said.
Lets fight for this, she stammered.

You deserve better, he said.
But I love you, she cried.

I’m walking away, he said.

Its what I knew, she sighed.

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