Thursday, June 16, 2011


16th June 2010

If only…
We were younger and unafraid.
Viewing hope as if it were new.
Seeking out the impossible
Daring to be amongst the few.

The few who stand apart from
the familiar,
the common,
the norm.

If only…
We were able to see the future
Packed with possibilities so endless.
Imagination that screams louder
Determination that is relentless.

If only…
We could stand on the highest mountain-tops
Claiming them to be ours.
Pioneers with a vision
Passion that defines our memoirs.

If only…
We could look at our history
Learning from the heroes that have been.
Walking out this road less traveled
Knowing we carry courage within.

If only…
We realized what we have:
The chance to change this nation.
We are comrades in arms
They define ‘victory’ as our caption.

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  1. Very cool Faye. :)

    I am disappointed that you never told me about your amazing blog and how cool you actually are :)