Tuesday, September 6, 2011


ithemba Lam Baby Home

This morning I spent time at an orphanage in Forest Hill called ithemba lam.

Ithemba Lam (meaning “My Hope”) is a temporary safe-haven for abandoned, orphaned, abused, or neglected babies, and those that are affected by, or infected with, HIV/ AIDS, until they are adopted into a permanent family, placed in a foster home, or reunited with their biological family.

My gran visits every now and again and so we popped in for literally 45 minutes...

It was 45 minutes of being challenged to my core.

A couple named Kim and Peter Frankhauser have given their lives to love and care for babies who have no home. 
A small house hidden away in a small suburb in Port Elizabeth. 
Volunteers who give their time to raise these babies. 
They received a call from the welfare department on the 31st August 2009, asking if they could assist them with three siblings that they were trying to place. After scrambling around they were able to accommodate the three cherubs, Rex (3), Tyra (2) and Chrystal (2 months). I stood there, listening to Kim speak with undeniable passion for this initiative that they began two years ago… 

The emotion of giving your heart to children who have not known love from any other person or being on this earth.
Tears rolled down her cheeks as she described how attached she has become to these children…

“This is not a sacrifice. I love it. There is nothing else in this world I’d rather do.”

I sat there on that carpeted floor holding this one twin and questioning if I’d ever be able to impart as much as this couple have done to these children. 
They have given their lives. 
They have offered everything they have. 

In my eyes this couple are warriors. 
They are heroes. 
They live for more than themselves.

I am reminded of this line from a song by Lifehouse which goes:

 “How can I stand here and not be moved by you?”

It’s not a case.

It’s not a cause.

It’s about lives.

May we give ourselves to the lives of those who need us to live for more than ourselves.

To ensure the sustainability of the home, they are still trying to secure regular funding. 
If you are able to help in any way, however big or small, or know of anyone who may be able to assist, their bank details are:

Account Name: Ithemba Lam
Bank: FNB Walmer Branch
Code: 211217
Account Number: 6227 0722 195
Non-Profit-Org Number: 076-105-NPO (for tax-deductible donations)

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