Thursday, September 8, 2011


“Pleasure gorged on the sun and freshness you’ll want from Spring / Summer 2011. On the one hand, the exotic: exuberant nature inspired by Gauguin, luxuriant foliage and cat-like beachwear motifs. On the other hand, the desert: a landscape of sand, primitive embroideries, Berber stripes, beautiful laces patinated by the years, ikats and metal accents.”

The emphasis seems to be on non-conformity, ample shapes, dry knits, charming linens and cottons. It’s not a question of being good or reasonable, but the passion colours evoke, the explosions of prints, geometrical accents, Indian flowers, folk music kitsch, cartoon influences and the naive primitives that all mix create a wild patchwork of fashion. A liberated celebration of all that everyday life is about. Amusing creativity, beachwear influences, mixes of ethnic and otherworld, ardour and femininity, the whole trend being based on strong lines.

An atmosphere heavily loaded with, memories but reinvented by using, technical innovations. To maintain the feeling of softness and a nostalgia of charm, there are sophisticated constructions, digital prints, placed jacquards, audacious accents, and subtle featherweight effects, silks, fine cottons, blends. Then there are the refined, luxury lines of coordinates made to last: it’s the triumphant return of the camisole, bodices, teddies: all expressions of what has been described as ‘eternal sophistication’.

Hot Summer Buys

Navy Blue Armani Exchange Dress
(Cotton-spandex and mesh dress)

Sunny color-bright pieces

Club Monaco Silk Shorts
Parker Dress
(Silk charmeuse dress)

G-star skirt

Forever 21 Dress
(Cotton-acrylic dress)

Monrow cotton shorts

I Heart Ronson Dress
(Cotton-polyester dress)


Because LIFE is too short to blend in…


My all-time favourite summer clothing item is short denim shorts…

Maybe its because I grew up at the coast.
Maybe its because they appeal to very humid conditions.
Maybe its because you can work them with all stars, slops or heels.
Maybe its because they are timeless in a casual kinda way.

Whatever the reason… they are my must-have summer addiction.

Some suggestions for an oh-so-trendy-denim-shorts look

Whatever the prediction for 2011’s Summer trend, fashion or style I think it’s mostly about allowing what really matters to be made clearer. 
Not everything we want is accessible. 
Not everything we want is affordable. 
Don’t compare yourself to the stereotypical red carpet glamour girl. 
Don’t live for fickle fashion.

Make what you have work best and get ready to celebrate summer.

A life without love is like a year without summer. 

~ Swedish Proverb


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