Wednesday, May 18, 2011

definitions. and. misconceptions.

So as I sat silently in my seat, staring out of the window of my (very delayed) flight back to Joburg today, I thought about how I would describe or define myself to an absolute stranger… or someone who (for some random reason) demanded to know everything there is to know about me. And as I began to think, I began to realize that this…

…this could get complicated.

i am 25 years old. i am 1.7 meters tall with dark hair, blue eyes and my dad’s frame. i usually enter a room pretty conservatively (unless I know you) and i usually analyze a situation before taking part in conversation. i love creativity and try to explore that as best i can in how i dress, how i talk, how i act, how i live.

i enjoy the simple things in life like… watching sunsets, sleeping-in on a saturday, writing letters, having coffee with friends, listening to new music, introducing strangers, amarulla without ice, running till my lungs ache, going dancing with a quality crowd, pretending i am a different person for a day, having a hot bath on a freezing cold joburg evening, encouraging where i can, exploring new places, just-out-of-the-washing-machine clean clothes, being absolutely crazy, hoodies, my mom’s cooking (of course), speaking in public, staring at cute babies who give you attention, drawing with charcoal, surf shops, making people laugh, holding someone’s hand, being healthy, knowing God’s voice, being on time, talking on the radio, sporadic opportunity, reading a book you just can’t put down, Phil’s rusks, giving people frights and then laughing my head off, the beach on a perfect day (without wind), thinking out-of-the-box, singing in my car, waking up and knowing i’ve had 8 hours of sleep, wearing bright colours, foot massages, high mountains, minimalistic styles, having faith.

i love dreaming of the absolute impossible. dreaming it will becoming a reality. i have ridiculously comical things that happen only to me (about once a month). i like to think i’m pretty independent but i know that i truly do need those around me, friends and family. i unintentionally come across as hard-core sometimes but i have a pretty soft heart. i know i can love others well and that is something i am practicing. i am secure and strong. i analyze a lot. i am often misunderstood. i see things differently to most (perhaps this is partly due to my being raised in a small town). i have an opinion but i will always listen. i am constantly changing. i know this life we get to live is short… so i desire much more. i hope for so much more. i live for so much more.

There is one last fact about me that you have to know:
i am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Jesus Christ, my Saviour.

without him i am none of the above.

without him i am


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